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Passion, Ingenuity, Dedication, Honesty

Brandsdal Group is actively involved with e-commerce and these values are at the core of our identity.


Our Brands was established in 1999 and is Norway’s largest auction-based online shop measured in turnover. In 2014, had a revenue of NOK 370 000 000 and there are about 75 employees (seasonally adjusted). The company has nearly 1.4 million registered user accounts and between 7000 and 9000 products are shipped daily. won the title of Gazelle of the Year (Årets gasellebedrift) in 2005 for Vest-Agder county and ended up in 10th place nationally. The owner, Einar Øgrey Brandsdal, was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 by Ernst & Young ( and again in 2013 as Entrepreneur of the Year.

Visit the store was established in 2007 and is Norway’s largest online cosmetics retailer. In 2014, had a revenue of NOK 190 000 000 and has over 600 000 registered user accounts. was awarded several titles in 2015, including People’s Online Choice (Folkets Nettfavoritt) and Southern Norway’s Company of the Year (Årets Sørlandsbedrift). Other awards include Southern Norway’s Marketeer of the Year (Årets markedsfører på Sørlandet) in 2011 and four consecutive nominations for Gazelle of the Year (Årets gasellebedrift). was again in 2016 awarded the People’s Online Choice (Folkets Nettfavoritt) award.

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Cocopanda was first established in Denmark in 2012 as an extension of Cocopanda has since expanded to Sweden in 2014, Finland and Germany in 2016 and Austria in 2018. Their goal is to become market-leading cosmetics retailers just like is in Norway.

Visit the store was established in 2015 with the goal of providing trendy and functional clothes at an affordable price. Our clothes brand, Brandsdal of Norway, is especially targeted towards adults with an active lifestyle.

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