Brandsdal Group is an active company within e-commerce that works passionately according to our values: Passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and honesty. 

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Our values in all our endeavors:

Passion / Innovation / Entrepreneurial spirit / Honesty


Blivakker.no was established in 2007 and is Norway’s largest online retailer of beauty products. In 2017, Blivakker.no had a turnover of 400 million NOK and has approximately 1.200.000 registered customers. Over the last few years, Blivakker.no has won a number of awards in Norway, including four consecutive wins in “People’s Favorite Online” (2015 – 2018).


Cocopanda is the name of Blivakker’s sister companies. Our first Cocopanda store was established in Denmark in 2012 under the name Cocopanda.dk. In later years, Cocopanda has established stores in Sweden (2014), Finland (2016), Germany (2016), Austria (2018) and Poland (2019).

In May 2018, Brandsdal Group established its first physical store. It is located in the thriving heart of Kristiansand in the south of Norway and holds over 5000 product lines spread over its 450 square meters. Every employee in our physical store is a specialist in their field and is either a dermatologist, makeup-artist or hairdresser.

See our flagshipstore in Kristiansand here:


Netthandelen.no is known for its long travel as Norway’s Biggest Online Auction Store over 20 years of auctions. Auction is now history.

3of april 2019 we opened new Netthandelen.no, which has all of these qualities including a wide range of products within outdoor; garden furnitures, cabins, sheds, tools and garages to guaranteed fixed low prices – done deal!

Please have a look inside our new shop!
WARNING: you will get tempted!


Brandsdal Group is a company in constant development – both nationally and internationally.

My grandfather ( Einar Øgrey ) always said the following quotes to me over and over again while he was alive.

“It is best to be the sole owner of your business. 2 owners could work, but 3 or more is impossible.”
“You always meet a man again!”
“Treat all peope you meete equally and with respect and remember that all roles in a company are equally valuable for the company to function.”

Einar Øgrey Brandsdal